The Supertide

20130706-100927.jpg I haven’t seen new Nixon watch in a while, but then there it was. Continue reading


The Corporal

No posts for a while and I was worried that I had run out of Nixon watch owners to snag photos from. Then I was approached by a fellow Nixon watch lover who wanted to show off his newest bling.

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The Manual


With a small break since my last post I almost didn’t notice this one. Saw the Nixon logo right at the last second though.
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The Platform


Another all metal watch with a nice color scheme. I guess if there is a platform it is made to be jumped from. Continue reading

The Venture


Another watch fortune from a co-worker. This one is a very sharp looking all metal watch called The Venture. It’s fortune speaks to risk takers which is very appropriate for our line of work.
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The Scout


I was really pressed for time and and this one ended up being a difficult back to shoot. The watch is sewn to the cloth band so there is no way to remove it and get access to the message on the back. It says “Be Prepared,” which was pretty lame as it goes for Nixon watch fortunes. Nice watch though.
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The Lodown

Lodown watch

I almost missed this one. A paramedic student, doing his clinical time at a hospital, had this watch. I wonder what he is in the know about. Continue reading

The Rotolog


I knew the minute I saw this watch that I had to have one. It is simply an amazing time piece with so much class. It wasn’t until this year that I was fortunate enough to be able to receive it as a gift. The dark wood adds so much class to anything I wear with it. Direct Time Technology. Keeping me chronological with science!

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The 51-30

My Coworker’s watch is an all metal black 51-30. He says simplify is how he loves his life. Continue reading

Nixon Rocker

I wish I had taken a picture of my first black Rocker but at least I’ll make this one my first post. What could be more positive than “YES”? Continue reading